Qualytech Foundry
Moulding process: Green Sand Jolt Squeeze moulding, Sodium Silicate/CO2 moulding, No Bake and Shell molding.
Melting Unit: 500kg capacity Induction furnace of Inductotherm.

Testing equipments: Metallurgical Microscope, Spectro Meter, Carbon Silicon Analyzer, Brinell Hardness Tester, Mould Hardness Tester, Sand testing equipments etc.
Foundry Equipments:
Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze Moulding Machines 2 pairs.
Induction Furnace 550 KW with 500 kgs Crucible.
Sand Muller with sand siever, charger and aerator.
Sand Mixer for silicate Moulding.
Shot blasting machine and other fettling equipments.
Backup D.G. Set.